Alexandr Dugin

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Alexandr Gel'evich Dugin was born in Moscow, on January 7th, 1962.

His mother was Galina Viktorovna Dugina (1937-2000), a PhD pediatrician, and his father was Gelij Alexandrovich Dugin (1935-1998), a general-lieutenant in the secret services (KGB). 

He was baptized at the age of six in the Russian Orthodox Temple of Michurinsk by his grandmother Elena Mikhailovna Kargaltseva.

He professes the Old Believers Faith.



Dugin is married to a PhD in Philosophy and has two children, also philosophers and musicians, and one granddaughter.


Associations and institutions

From 1980 on, he gets acquainted with a group of traditionalists: Gejdar Dzhemal, Evgenij Golovin, Yurij Mamleev, Vladimir Stepanov, Sergej Zhigalkin.

In 1998 Dugin created with friends Gejdar Dzhemal and Evgenij Golovin the project New University, a studies center based on the discoveries and interests that have been the group's main research subjects for a long time.

In 2015 he becomes a partner at CEM - Center for Multipolarity Studies - in Brazil, along with Brazilian philosopher Flavia Virginia.

In 2018 he opens his first geopolitical school in Beograd, Serbia.



His philosophical perspective begins to take shape through studies conducted in Religious Traditionalism, Conservatism, Hermeticism and Poetry. European authors from the Middle Age and Renaissance are also on the menu, as much as Oriental Studies. 

Starting in 1982 he works as a translator for English, French and German languages in some institutes, translating also some works by Julius Evola and René Guénon.



A thorough career as a writer begins with subjects covering a wide range from Philosophy, Politics, Russia in several aspects (including Soviet Union), Geopolitics, History of Religions, Eurasia, Sociology, to Traditionalism; these works are also varied in formats (essays, textbooks, text programs, books). His works begin to be translated in  many languages as of 1997.

He is a frequent guest columnist in several newspapers in Russia and abroad.


From 1980 on, he broadcasts widely, including tv show "Spas" and radio programs "Geopolitical Overview", "Milestones", "Russian Thing", among others.


He develops a career in the publishing market, having created many journals in the last thirty years, such as Den' (Day), Pamjat (Memory), Elementy (Elements), Zavtra (Tomorrow). He is now the head of Arktogaia, a publishing house specialized in subjects akin to his sphere of interests, linked to many other houses around the globe.

From March, 2015 to March, 2017, he held the position of editor-in-chief of Russian TV Tsar'grad (internet channel and regular tv), whose main goal is the promotion of traditional values and of international magazine Katehon, specialized in geopolitics and politics.


Dugin has entered diverse artistic endeavors, one of them being the musical group "Betelgeuze", but also radio broadcast "Finis Mundi", with experiences in video, poetry, etc.

He is now connected to the Eurasian Artists Association, formed especially to publicize the work of artists affiliated to the idea of Eurasianism.


Invited professor/lecturer

The 1990s see him lecturing in different academies, symposiums, meetings with prominent political characters, military circles in Russia and in the whole post-Soviet space, besides many cities in Europe - a move that goes on up to the present day.



He has defended his post-graduate degree in Philosophy in Rostov-Na-Donu with the dissertation "The Evolution of the Paradigmatic Foundations of Science" in 2000 and the PhD in the Faculty of Sociology in the same University in 2004; theme: "The Transformation of the Political Structures and Institutions in the Process of Modernization of the Civil Society".


Leading positions

He held from 2008 to 2014 two positions in the Lomonosov Moscow State University, in the Faculty of Sociology: head of the International Relations Department and head of the Center for Conservative Studies. In 2014, he was unfairly and inappropriately dismissed for political reasons.

He is the leader of the International Eurasian Movement and the founder of the Eurasian Party, which is growing inside the Big Russian Space and gaining ever-increasing representativity.

The leadership of a lot of other institutions has been on his hands through the last twenty years, some of them being the Center of Geopolitical Expertise and the Political Council. In 2005, the Eurasian Youth Union was launched.

Dugin is also a member of the Advisory Board at the Russian State Duma.


Social activism

Dugin forcefully opposes the liberal direction taken by the Russian Elite from the 1990s on and uses all available means to make prognoses of its course and to denounce it—including interviews with prominent characters in the international political scene.


Connections with the political sphere

Dugin has been a constant political actor in diverse situations, especially concerned with the geopolitical aspect of Politics, which gives him ever-increasing fame, mainly in ideas concerning Eurasianism and Multipolarity. Therefore, he has been a strong supporter of president Putin's policies in Internal and External Affairs—and there is good evidence that president Putin is taking Dugin's advices very seriously.

He has also met and gained the respect of Nursultan Nazarbaev, Kazakhstan's president, Serbian Prime-Minister Vojislav Koštunica and other important political figures.



Alexandr Dugin has a very potent presence in the internet, a means he has been using since the 2000s, with many different portals bringing about awareness in various fields of his interest and featuring other great thinkers from Russia and abroad. 


Main focus


Multipolar World

Fourth Political Theory




International Relations, Russian Internal Affairs, National School of International Relations, Geopolitics, Ethnosociology, Methodological Problems in the Sociology of International Relations, Structure of Sociology, Political Sciences, Political Philosophy, Philosophy and Religious View.

Recent political issues

Due to his political views that denounce the terrible effects of the liberal mind-frame from a new standpoint - neither Communism, nor Fascism, both easily defeatable in our days -, Alexandr Dugin suffered sanctions from the USA and Canada in 2015. Following that, some odd things happened - for example, his books are no long sold by selling company Amazon. The sanctions have not been explained and were found out by chance by some friends. Cosmoliberals in those countries consider him the most dangerous philosopher in the world.